USA tour end of april/beginning of may

I am so excited to announce my upcoming travels to Chicago, Washington, and New York City. I can't wait to meet you couples, men, and women during my time there. For screening/deposit requirements please scroll below. 

Duration Rates
16 hours$4,400
12 hours$4,000
10 hours$3,600
6 hours$2,400
5 hours$2,200
4 hours$2,000
3 hours$1,500
2 hours$1,100
1,5 hours$950
1 hour$700

For couples please add an additional $250 to the rates listed

date requirements

The above compensation is strictly for my companionship. Please remember this during communicating with me and refrain from asking explicit questions. 

To ensure our time together during my travels to the USA a 20% deposit as well as legitimate screening info is needed to guarantee a date. 

Please choose 2 of the following methods: 

1. An email from your work email ( I have a separate email set up specifically for this discrete purpose for you. This isn’t a third party, it is still me.
2. A short message through your LinkedIn (please send a simple “hello” or “test”, or anything that fits your contact patterns, to my discrete LinkedIn).
3. A reference from a reputable companion you have seen before. 


Deposits can be made to either my Throne account, EU IBAN bank transfers, or BTC. Please note that deposits are non-refundable, and in the case of canceling 12 hours before our date I require 50% of my booking fee. 

To set up a date please head to my form or send an email directly to:  or (secondary email)