Frequently Asked Question Questions?

Are you vaccinated?

Yes, I am fully vaccinated and also get regular corona testing done.

What does a booking with you look like and what else can I expect?

A booking with me is mainly about a mutual click. Building the intimacy, getting to know each other, and of course a pleasant and sensual experience. Depending on your wishes and of course the click we have, this will differ. It is above all about enjoying our time together and living in the moment.

Do you arrive discreetly or is there a driver waiting at the door?

I will always be dressed appropriately for the occasion, whether that may be at your home, at a restaurant, or at the hotel. There won't be a driver waiting at the door and the drop-off will be handled discreetly so that no one notices, e.g. any neighbors.

Do you really visit all over the Netherlands?

I travel all over the world and so I will definitely be traveling throughout the Netherlands. Keep in mind that the travel costs can differ and dependending on the location, a longer booking duration minimum might apply.

How do you handle my discretion?

Mutual discretion is very important to me. With that being said, the information about our time together will not be shared with any other person.

How can I further verify your authenticity other than a video verification?

The many pictures and videos on my website give a clear representation of what I look like.

I also have several social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram where you see a lot of photos, videos, and interactions with other ladies and gentlemen. Furthermore, I am very easy to find online and there are many links that refer to me, such as a podcast interview of The sexy escort guide.

Can I pay after our date?

The payment must be paid at the beginning of our date so that it is out of the way and we can fully focus on our time together. When meeting in public (restaurant, museum, or at another location), this can be done discreetly in a gift bag.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Bank transfers are certainly possible and can be made well in advance or at the beginning of our date.

I am currently abroad, can I fly you over for several days?

I have a great love for traveling and I also enjoy accompanying you on it. For booking a multiple-day date, travel costs are added and a deposit of 30%

What are your expectations of me?

Except that you are a gentleman and of course that hygiene is also paramount with you, I don't expect much. To me, a gentleman means someone who treats me like a lady, is generous and caring, and respects our time together.

Can I make a clothing lingerie request?

I have a very extensive collection of clothing and lingerie. He really enjoys doing something special for our time together. Whether that is something more casual such as a yoga top and leggings, jeans with a blouse, or an elegant dress. Do not hesitate to submit a request (if it is within reason).

Are your rates negotiable?

I feel like a true gentleman wouldn't concern himself with trying to negotiate a companions rate. I have carefully applied my rates to reach a certain gentleman and filter out a lot, so I can understand that it is not feasible for everyone to meet. Please note that if you are not able to pay my rates as they are now unfortunately it will not be possible to see each other then. Trying to negotiate it will result in communication being cut off.

Do you have a personal assistant or does the contact go directly through you?

I really like being in control of how people communicate when making contact and planning a date. For that reason, I currently have no assistants and will remain so for the time being. So if you contact me, it will be with me directly and no one else.

I would like to film our intimate moment, is that possible at an additional cost?

This is certainly not allowed and also applies to taking pictures without my permission. If this does happen, the booking will be terminated immediately.

What is possible in the bedroom?

As the classy lady that I am, I don't have a menu list. I honestly think that based on chemistry, certain possibilities are not obvious. If you had a specific wish, don't hesitate to say it in advance so that there are no disappointing surprises during our booking.

How can I best contact you?

It is best to contact me via my booking form on my website, or by sending me an introduction message directly to I aim to respond to your booking request within 5 hours if an introduction is sent. In case that you prefer messaging me by .