Testimonials Love notes

My first meeting with Tiffany was six months ago. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life. Fortunately, she knows what to do with that.

Tiffany took the time to get to know me and, while enjoying a good glass of wine, ​we ​developed a conversation in which she showed genuine interest but also had plenty to say herself.

She looked beautiful and at the right moment, she unveiled​​​ ​a lingerie​set from her favorite store. She has the qualities to bend any atmosphere and with that, she keeps the date on a track in which subsequent stations are passed ​effortlessly.

By now I feel like we know each other really well. She really builds a relationship with you if you let it. Tiffany has earned a place in my heart, she is a good person both professionally ​while also being genuine​.


"Not many words can descibe our hot time together, I'm having a hard time focussing on every day stuff since our last meeting."


"Your kindness and genuine care for what you do is not only refreshing but also a rarity to find. I'm glad I made the desicion to see you and can't wait till next time!"


“How would I describe a date with this beauty? Well, let’s just start with the way she walks into a room, like a beautiful sexy panter that’s looking for their next prey. As she was walking towards me I couldn’t help but notice the confidence she exuded. Not only was I blown away by her looks but also by her warmth greeting me with a hug. It felt like we had known each other forever and the chemistry was undeniable.”


“All I can say is you have the face with the beauty of an angel and a body of a bombshell.”


"It was so much fun meeting Tiffany and I enjoyed her spontaneous dance moves!"


“Initially I was looking for more of a kinkier experience. However, reading about Tiffany made me more curious. When expressing what I was looking for she politely said that the kinky aspect wasn’t your expertise but she'd love to see me if I were open to maybe a more gfe style date that might match the both of us a bit more. This showed me that she was open-minded and didn’t instantly shut me down but still maintained her own way of doing things. The date in itself was way better than I imagined it would be and I‘m glad I got to meet her.“


"Having you here for 3 days was everything I could have wished for. Looking forward to seeing that radiant smile in person again soon!"


"From the first initial interaction, it felt like an instant connection. Tiffany's way of calming my nerves felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders since this was my first time booking an escort. Thank you for making this first experience so great for me."


"We were planning a trip to Amsterdam and wanted to have some extra excitement on top of it. We've never met with a companion before but it was part of our fantasy for some time now. After some searching, we found Tiffany and felt that she was the perfect match to join our menage trios.

What a time we had! Thank you so much for opening our minds and being a part of our intimate moment."

-Sydney and James

​“I never knew how much I appreciated femininity until I met Tiffany. The way she carries herself full of charisma, charm, sensuality but clear with expressing her thoughts is truly refreshing. Tiffany is the ultimate young lady that’s fun for a night out since she commands the room and all eyes are on her for all the right reasons. I never knew a woman like her still existed. Even with her being so young she truly has an old soul. From the way she dresses to the way, she speaks with such poise while at the same time isn’t afraid to be a bit silly or quirky. Her radiant smile is infectious and you have no choice but to feel elated by the way she makes you feel. Whether that is physically or mentally you’ll be stimulated in all fronts”


For the sake of privacy and discretion, the names above have been changes