My prices Rates

Shorter bookings

For a shorter, but intensive meeting

2 hoursEUR 750
3 hoursEUR 1000
4 hoursEUR 1200
5 hoursEUR 1400
6 hoursEUR 1600

Longer dates

For the gentleman that can’t get enough and truly enjoys having an extended time together.

7 hourEUR 1800
8 hourEUR 2000
10 hoursEUR 2200
12 hoursEUR 2400
16 hoursEUR 2700
24 hoursEUR 3300
48 hoursEUR 4400
72 hoursEUR 5500
24+ hoursEUR 1100

Information about my rates

Keep in mind that if we haven't met before a small deposit/minor screening may aply to be able to meet each other.

For couples the same rate that’s listed aplies and there is no additional surcharge.

more... Travel expenses

Amsterdam    EUR 50

Schiphol         EUR 50

Utrecht          EUR 70

The Hague      EUR 100

Rotterdam      EUR 100

Eindhoven      EUR 150

For bookings outside the above places please inquire about travel costs.

Fly me to you International bookings

I have a deep love for traveling and would love to be your companion abroad. For bookings outside the Netherlands within Europe, I require a 5-hour minimum depending on which European country. For international bookings, there is a 48-hour minimum. For further information please inquire through my email: