Some inspiration Date Ideas

I’ve come to realise that making memories – preferably shared ones – is the key to a fulfilling life. Below are a handful of experiences that I would love to share with an enthusiastic partner. If you’re interested in some more personalised recommendations for our time together, please get in touch.

For the Adventurous

I’m not one to shy away from a bit of fun. I believe that it’s a myth that dates need to be serious, awkward experiences. If you’re a risk-taker, maybe we can take an adrenaline-filled trip to the Holland Casino together? I make an excellent partner-in-crime. Or perhaps you’d prefer to get your heart racing on the dance floor at one of my favourite clubs?

For the Curious

Strolling through a fascinating museum together is the perfect way to build up an appetite, in more ways than one. The Rijksmuseum, Moco Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum are my favourite museums in Amsterdam.

For the Unhurried

As a born-and-bred Amsterdam native, I have a life-long love affair with the city – I know all the best bars and secret spots. I would love to take a relaxed walk around the city with my hand entwined in yours. If you’re new to the area, I’d be happy to play tour guide (though I’m sure I do things that your usual concierge wouldn’t!)

For the Parched

Let’s quench our thirst at some of the fabulous bars Amsterdam has to offer.


The Tailor



Sorel’s Bar & Lounge

Bar Twentyseven

For the Hungry

Dinner is a classic date for a reason. I am at my best when paired with excellent food and sparkling conversation. If you’d like to spice things up a little, I’d love to attend a cooking class together. After all, getting our hands dirty together is really the ultimate intimate act.

Impero Romano


Mr. Porter


Eastwood Beer & Grill

Gustavino Resuarant & Vinoteca

For the Hedonistic

After all, what’s life without a little decadence?

Let’s partake in a bit of self-indulgence at [shopping location], before satisfying our taste buds at one of Amsterdam’s best fine dining restaurants.





Ciel blue


For the Wanderer

You have an irresistible desire to travel, wander and explore the world – and new experiences are always more fulfilling when you have an eager companion by your side. I’m passport-ready and eternally excited to embark on a new adventure with you.

For the Executive

Sick of coming ‘home’ to an empty, white-walled hotel room every evening? I’m the perfect fuss-free addition to spice up your next business trip. There’s nothing quite like being greeted by a beautiful woman in lingerie with a glass of wine in hand at the end of a long day of meetings.