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Look down below to discover the keys to making our liaison perfect.

Booking Our Date Booking Our Date

I am thrilled that you are interested in spending time with me!

To organise a date, please complete my booking form. To ensure a timely reply, please provide all relevant information. I also appreciate it if you can include a few details about yourself – just enough to give me an idea about our compatibility. I want to ensure we both have a great experience.

I am based in Amsterdam and can join you at four- or five-star hotels within the Netherlands. I am also happy to meet you are your residence, provided there are no other people present. I expect to have you all to myself! I offer incalls to select clientele who are able to transfer the full consideration in advance – please enquire.

I can be available from Monday to Sunday. Last-minute appointments are not always possible, so I urge you to plan at least X in advance. Advance notice allows me time to prepare and ensure I am my best self for our date.

Screening Screening

To feel confident meeting you, I may require you to complete a simple screening process – please enquire for more details. High calibre gentlemen will see this as an assurance of my professionalism. Be assured that I take your privacy extremely seriously, and I do not share your personal information with others.

If you are not willing to participate in this process, I am afraid we aren’t going to be a good match. It is important that I feel comfortable and safe at all times so that we can both truly relax and enjoy ourselves. I trust you understand.

Deposits Deposits

I may require a small deposit to reserve the time for our date and to ensure you have serious intentions.

I require a deposit in the following instances:

  • All dates 12 hours or longer require a 10% deposit;
  • All dates 24 hours or longer require a 20% deposit;
  • All dates 48 hours or longer require a 30% deposit;
  • All dates 72 hours or longer must be paid in full in advance;
  • All dates requiring international travel must be paid in full in advance.

Deposits can be paid via X.

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable. Should extenuating circumstances arise and you need to postpone our engagement, I will do my best to find a mutually agreeable time to reschedule.

During Our Date During Our Date

I find that discussing money takes away from the romance of the evening. Therefore, please present my consideration in an unsealed envelope within the first 10 minutes of our date. When meeting in a public place, you can place the agreed amount in a discreet card, gift bag or book.                                           

I will always be impeccably groomed, and I expect the same of you. The cleaner you are, the dirtier we can get!

Please be assured that I always follow safer sex practices. This means that I use condoms for intercourse without fail, and do not allow your genitals to touch mine without a barrier in place. Our health is extremely important to me.

After Our Date After Our Date

I feel very strongly about mutual respect and believe our time together is a private and personal experience. Therefore, I ask that you do not write a public review about our time together. I would never compromise your privacy and talk about our private moments with others; I ask that you afford me the same privacy.

Travel Travel

I am an enthusiastic traveller and always happy to be your globe-trotting sidekick. I’m based in Amsterdam but can meet you worldwide, provided that you cover the associated expenses. Please enquire to start planning our trip.